Keurig Cup Versus Coffee Pot; A House Divided

Keurig versus Cuisinart

After drooling over the Keurigs found on the end of nearly every shopping isle this Christmas season, we finally bought one. 

We were so excited!  A new gadget to play with, and this one makes coffee, one of my favorite vices. 

You have to admit, it is convenient.  Nothing like a fresh cup of coffee in less than a minute, especially in the morning when I can't remember how to put my robe on much less make a pot of coffee. 

The novelty for some of us wore off quickly though. 

For starters, I am a prolific coffee drinker.  One cup isn't going to do it for me, and the Keurig K-cups are EXPENSIVE.  An 18 cup pack can cost 11 to 20 dollars and I could go through that in a week! 

There was another drawback for me as well.  I like my French Market Coffee and Chicory and I have not been able to find that in a K-cup. 

So after all the hooplah, I am back to making a dazed and sloppy pot of French Market coffee in the morning. A cup of cafe au lait is hard to give up, even for the convenience of a K-cup.

French Market Coffe and Chicory and Coconut Cake
My stepdad, however, loves the Keurig.  He only drinks one cup of coffee and he likes the convenience of a freshly-made cup of coffee in a flash and probably wouldn't touch Chicory with a ten foot pole. 

The house was divided about which morning coffee routine to follow.

My stepdad for the Keurig, me for the coffee pot.

My mom was undecided.  She thought maybe we could make our own coffee with the special K-cup provided.  We tried using our own coffee grounds in the provided K-cup but this coffee came out extraordinarily weak.  We bought the course grounds Keurig stated we needed, and still, it was too weak.  The hot water runs straight through without steeping in the coffee grounds. It seems only the prepackaged K-cups would provide the right strength of coffee for us coffeeholics and I, for one, couldn't afford that many cups.

We couldn't come to an agreement as to which method to use so we ended up with both.  My stepdad uses the Keurig, and I stumble around making a pot of French Market with Chicory.  I think my mom drinks both.

The Keurig is awesome if you can afford the K-cups or if you drink very little coffee.  I would probably get the single cup version for special occasions.  It is great if you are having a get together and want to provide each guest a choice in coffee.  Plus it is fast and delicious.

Are you a K-Cup enthusiast or do you prefer the good old fashioned coffee pot?

Do you forget to put on the coffee pot lid sometimes in the morning because you're too sleepy and return to find a puddle of coffee on your floor?


  1. I totally agree with you! Although the k cups are expensive, they are also a waste. I prefer a regular pot of coffee so i can enjoy it all day.


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