American Made

It's almost Christmas and if you really want to give your American family a American.

There is something we Americans can do to help bring back our economy.  We can start buying American. 


Have you been bemoaning the economy, the loss of your job, the inability to get a job?  Do you realize that the little trip you just made to Walmart employed people in China, India, Mexico, anywhere but the United States? 

Take a minute and look under the items nearest you for the little sticker that says "Made in China".  Chances are high you won't find a "Made in America" sticker.

I am guilty of this too and even after making a conscious decision to buy American, I still slip up and run off to the nearest Walmart.  It's just too easy, and unfortunately, it's hard to find American products these days. Fortunately, people are catching on to what we have done, and companies are making it easier to find American-made products.  I want to give you some links to help you find American products but if you want to know more about why buying these products has put us all out of jobs read here

Where to Find American Products:

Amazon now has products listed as USA made has USA Made Products
Here is a search engine for USA products

Are you making an effort to buy more American?

Do you have any advice or links to help people find American made products?  If so, please comment!!


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