Straight from the back yard

The fig trees and orange trees in the back yard are going crazy this time of year!

I'm going crazy trying to figure out how to eat so many oranges and figs.

A fig not in a fig tree

The "Unreachables".  Just how do you get those buggers?

Today I made an orange and salmon salad and figgy bread...

Salmon Salad:
Canned salmon mixed with a small amount of olive oil mayonnaise
1 peeled and quartered orange
Sunflower Seeds
Garlic Salt and Pepper for seasoning

But this hardly made a dent.

So tomorrow (drum roll please)...

I will be making Fig Preserves, Cranberry Orange Chutney, Orange Marmalade, and possibly Orange Curd.  I'm so excited I can't stop wiggling in my seat!


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